Dr Karl Klose explains how more bacteria are becoming resistant to antibiotics. 

On 24th January 2019 HM Government published a paper called 

Tackling Antimicrobial Resistance 2019-2024

This paper clearly states why it is necessary to safeguard the viability of present stocks
of antibiotics.

Increasingly, bacteria and viruses are impervious to antibiotics, these are called both
Superbugs or
MDRO - multi-drug resistant organisms. 
The Government initiative is to reduce the availability of antibiotics by 50%

by 2024 giving the science and pharmaceutical industry time to discover a new
antibiotic or a new
alternative. This is ambitious as no new antibiotics have been
discovered in over 30 years!

In this timespan, infection incidence will increase. The immune compromised and the
immature will be first and hardest hit. The mortality rates are
frankly - terrifying!

http://Tackling AMR 2019-2024 IPS-AMR

WHO LogojpgThe World Health Organisation has a Global Action Plan; 

Objective 3 of 5 is to Reduce the incidence of infection through effective sanitation,
and infection prevention measures. This is the service we offer. 


Decontamination or deep cleaning

Achieving a good Return on Investment

A deep clean is always a good option but not the answer to treating for infectious microorganisms

The treatment for invisible pathogens requires specialist Environmental Decontamination, delivered by trained technicians.
If you are looking for a good Return on Investment please choose the right service