Environmental Decontamination can be used in many different Acute Care settings.

Accident and Emergency

Treatments can be delivered in 'down-times', planned and delivered in areas, then allowing for 'dwell time' of 

HPV the treatment will work around the demands of this 'ever-ready' area. This may take slightly longer to 

achieve but the task will halt any spread of infection

Surgical Theatres

The undeniable skills and talent of all the surgical team can be over-ridden by infection. Only recently, moulds

were treated in theatre settings. Loss of lives were attributed to the spores from moulds.


Sterile services purpose is to ensure that equipment and tools are treated thoroughly and efficiently. Yet 

spillages and unseen pathogens are present wherever invasive treatments are performed, Environmental 

Decontamination can support this service.


A high concentration of immune compromised patients, susceptible to infections and reliant on anti-microbials.

Environmental Decontamination can eradicate these harmful pathogens before they complicate recovery.

Assessment Rooms

Pathology laboratories may take a number of days to grow cultures and in that time span many patients might undergo

assessment and if a MDRO is found, added to their specific complaint, the outlook is bleak. It would be much more

simple to commission environmental decontamination and eliminate the unnecessary risks.


Healthcare Acquired Infections acquire infection directly as a result of healthcare and ICU are constantly

challenged in this area. In the NHS circa.300,000 will succumb annually. MRSA, Clostridium Difficile and 

Escherichia Coli and all notifiable pathogens have been tested and kills 99.99% or more efficiently. 

When tested a log rate of 6 has been achieved 99.9999% Let us know how we can help?

The solution HPV is within current NHS cleaning guidance 2015. The cost to NHS in monetary terms is 

estimated to exceed £1,000,000,000 annually. 

Our target time is 4 hours, to receive a call to someone on site