Failing hand hygiene is responsible for infection transmission at frequent touch-points.

In the NHS, these sites are evaluated and a cleaning regime is created around what is called 'functional risk'. However, if you follow and touch where an infected person has touched before the clean, you or I could unwittingly be spreading infection.

We tell the footfall how to navigate the building: PUSH, PULL, HOLD and PRESS and now with the SAFE range of wraps, pads and buttons sited at these frequent touch-points, we can mitigate the risk of hand-mediated infection transmission. HOW?? The SAFE range is antibacterial and infections will be halted from spreading.

Mitigate the risk of hand-mediated infection transmission

The SAFE range have ISO 21702 2019 & ISO 22196. Effective against HCoV 229E by up to 99.87% and SARS CoV-2 76%
Return on Investment
  • Cleaning: the wraps, pads and buttons become targets, so cleaning will become even more efficient
  • Mental health: Watch yourself how people enter or leave a toilet. Elbows, sleeves, little fingers, thumbs, feet and even the backside is used. People avoid using their hands for fear of hand-mediated infections.
  • The greatest saving must be prevention over cure. The cost of absenteeism of staff, visitors and footfall can be avoided
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