FTP Wraps, Pads, Buttons and more

FTPs are an abbreviation of  Frequent Touch Points, these are also called High Touch Points.
The FTPs are fixtures and fittings that are in constant use and the coverings: wraps, pads, buttons and more are built with chemicals that kill germs 24/7 for 3 years

FTP Wraps n'Pads

We know infection outbreaks start and gain momentum at frequent touch points; door handles, stair and hand-railings, PUSH, PULL fixtures and fittings. These FTP Wraps n'Pads have been built to prevent infections from spreading when installed on those touch-points. The advice has been to increase FTP cleans throughout the pandemic and we support that advice.

However, if the footfall including you and me touch where an infected person has touched, before the next scheduled clean, the risk of becoming infected is very high. Whereas, FTP Wraps n'Pads are designed to kill germs 24/7 for 3 years!

The Hand-hygiene message is getting through but in these transitional times, the footfall is using their little fingers, thumbs, elbows, sleeves, fancy footwork and an impressive hip / bum action to avoid getting infection on their hands. - Our message is clear, use your hands as the fixture or fitting was designed for and wash your hands more frequently.

Accidents will happen, someone will wash their hands, then cough, sneeze or simple use animated speech and their hands are infected without them becoming aware.

We were tasked with a solution for a dome shaped exit button

This is what we achieved.

FTP wraps, pads, buttons and more..

The return on investment against improved touch-point cleaning is very good. As the qualities of the wraps and pads reaches the footfall, they will have more confidence in using the covered fixtures and fittings. The cleaning can then focus and prioritise the wraps rather than the whole door and surrounds These wraps and pads will provide improved infection prevention.

Staff absenteeism average is 4.4 days per year and represent 1.5% of the national wage packet. 2021 -The NHS experienced a staggering 471,000 employees taking an average of 25 days sick days. The cash burden was extraordinary. The saddest part, is many of these were hand-mediated infections and could have been prevented. Mental Health was the primary reason. How many were fearful of the infectious pathogens that are inherent in healthcare?

FTP Wraps n'Pads Features and benefits

  • ISO 21702 Coronavirus
  • ISO 22196 Bacteria Virus Fungi Parasites achieving a 99.99% reduction
  • Robust build quality
  • 3 year lifespan 
  • Soil/debris removed by warm soapy water 
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