#ImmunEquity Yeah, you and who's army Cookbook, how to build equity of nutrients for your immune system

The SARS CoV 2 / Coronavirus Vaccine is Brilliant and Amazing..

..but, the vaccine is reliant on your immune system to fight the infection, sure, it shows your system how to identify and kill the infection, that's what is brilliant! However, it is still down to the strength and stamina of your immune system that will do the hard work. This book, explains why it is 'vitally important' to intake nutrients, through tasty meals to build-up an equity of nutrients, so when your immune system needs nourishment, the right nutrients are readily available. This book will provide a list of foods that provide the nutrients that are required.


Please note, I'm not a chef or Doctor and I do not hold qualifications in nutritional sciences but I have not seen a book of this nature available, so I decided someone has to share this information. Unashamedly, I stand on the shoulders of giants. Much of this information is readily available in public arena, just not in the format I have prepared this book. Please follow this link:
#ImmunEquity: Yeah, you and who's army? eBook : O’Hara, Paul: Amazon.co.uk: Books

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