Helping your business deal with #VaccinEquity outcomes

Helping your business deal with #VaccinEquity outcomes

The World Health Organisation’s Initiative #VaccinEquity

As interpreted by The Decontaminator

At the time I am penning this, c.75% of the UK population has been vaccinated. This is key to the #VaccinEquity initiative, which is based around ‘herd immunity’. The vaccinated, will/should not succumb to the full force of the infection and most will recover unless there are underlying conditions. #VaccinEquity uses the protection of the vaccine, to starve the virus of viable hosts and run its course. Those that have ’not vaccinated’ are at greater risk of succumbing and transmitting the infection. The USA, Europe and the UK have embraced this strategy. The reality is - infection transmission will increase as we go about normal life and accelerated transmission with colder weather.

What should/can you do when someone in your business tests positive?

Your first step should be to safeguard your staff and visitors The Decontaminator will keep you and your staff and customers safe, your business compliant, and free your premises of harmful pathogens.

Ask yourself -

·         Are your cleaning operatives under your duty of care for employees?

·         If exposed to infection, what is the company’s responsibility?

·         Can cleaning operatives prove their treatment efficacy?

·         How toxic is the solution used and does it achieve total virus, bacteria, fungi & yeast reduction?

·         How diligent have their practices been?

What makes The Decontaminator your best choice

Viruses come in all sizes, some do fall to the ground. Others float in the air and are subject to air-flow dynamics, these land anywhere; near windows are a key area, often attracted by moisture and fluctuating temperatures. It would be unfair to ask a cleaning operative to clean the walls, curtains, blinds and ceiling near the windows, under sinks, lower part of the toilet bowel yet all these areas are included in our standard procedures. If your car had dirt in the fuel line. What results would you expect from a car cleaning operative over an experienced mechanic? Both work on cars! So too with infection prevention and control, your best results will come from the experienced who has the proper equipment and know-how for the task at hand.

The Decontaminator will contain the infection site, post signage, treat using non-toxic solution, provide proof of treatment and after completion, just 90 minutes dwell time is needed for the solution to work it’s magic.

After the lateral flow test and then PCR tests, if negative, these employees can return to their workplace. Please be mindful, some will suffer real anxiety through fear/proximity of infection. By engaging The Decontaminator you can share with your employees that the company has engaged professionals to provide a safe environment.

The business owner/ You must complete a ‘risk assessment’, We can assist you with this. We can provide a report of the procedure. For your peace of mind/convenience/records we will provide photo evidence of treatment and certification of treatment.


Call us on 01622370331 or use the STOPinfection app

Simply enter the dimensions of the infection site, including containment and a price will be offered. Should you accept this quote, move on to booking a treatment.

If you are a public or third sector organisation, please use Countess of Chester NHS CPS Decontamination Solutions framework where you can select The Decontaminator or,

If you are a private business or individual you can validate our credentials via Kent Trading Standard’s Approved supplier listing.

As an ISO 9001 accredited business, our transactions are captured and used for our compliance

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