New portable technology provides solution achieves a 99.99% reduction of airborne, droplets or surface microorganisms: Gram Negative / Gram Positive bacteria, viruses with or without protective coats. This same solution also eradicates yeast and mould. Hydrogen Peroxide is both an efficient disinfectant and environmentally friendly. The values of HP are documented in NHS cleaning guidance 2008 and now with portable technology, other community settings can be addressed Primary Care, Domiciliary, Laboratory and Cleanroom, Schools and Colleges, Domestic and Rural settings. These new methods have successfully adapted to the needs and demands in a variety of challenging situations. 

Indicator strip shows hydrogen peroxide present, changing colour
Ready to use safely after just 30 mins after treatment

If you suspect infectious pathogens, airborne, on or under surfaces. You need The Decontaminator 

Paul turned up and successfully completed the decontamination of our offices recently; not only was it obvious, by sight, that the fog treatment was used around the office, Paul  used markers that changed colour that showed that particular part of the office had been cleaned, which gave me confidence that the work being completed to a high standard. With a completely clean office I feel, as a business , we are ready for the winter season and our exposure to germs/bugs and in turn, employee sickness levels, kept to a minimum. Chris K. COO Kent.