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We provide service for everyone that needs disinfection. Professional cleaning companies, facilities executives and infection prevention and control specialist who need to address infectious microorganisms, more than a deep-clean alone can deal with whether aerosol droplets and droplets on surfaces, these methods and solution will achieve at least a 99.99% reduction of viruses, bacteria, moulds & yeast.

This service is environmental decontamination and has been designed to achieve a clinical clean including COVID 19 / SARS CoV 2. 
At this level of hygiene we effectively treat Healthcare Acquired Infections (HCAI) 
Clostridium Difficile, MRSA  and infections that are resistant to the range of antibiotics.

Influenza, Pneumonia, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Scarlet Fever, Foot hand & mouth, Tuberculosis  
and many other dreadful diseases are regarded as NOIDS notifiable diseases where two or more have succumbed in a school, area or community. The broad spectrum solution we use will halt the spread of infection immediately.

The solution used has been tested and will stop these infectious diseases immediately and return the room or building to a safe environment, even by those who are immunocompromised or deficient, the elderly and the young, undergoing treatment or convalescing . The methods and solution we use can make the difference between the most vulnerable being safe where social distancing is impossible or unrealistic.

Where staff are returning to their offices a good-deep clean is always a good initiative but at the first signs of coughs, loss of taste then The Decontaminator is needed. Prevention is better than cure, we can do nothing for those who are infected. However, we can halt the spread of infection by decontaminating the building.

Hospitals, surgeries, dental practices and clinics are most at risk when COVID 19 is suspected. An intensive care unit might ventilate 10ACH air changes per hour, before sending in cleaning operatives. Many clinics and dental practices do not have this level of ventilation available yet dental procedures are known to especially generate aerosols, so the cleaning operatives, nurses and your other patients are being exposed. The Decontaminator's methods will treat these surgeries, practices, or rooms immediately and stop the pathogen from spreading.

Decontaminating the Environment

Airplane or Care Home or any other setting

Portable technology solution that achieves a 99.99% reduction of airborne, droplets or surface microorganisms: Gram Negative / Gram Positive bacteria, viruses with or without protective coats, yeast and mould. Visible or not, the methods employed will achieve the level of hygiene necessary. Evidence and efficacy has been gained in acute care and transfers easily to other settings.

COVID 19 and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome SARS CoV 2 were categorised as droplet transmitted, under pressure and with limited information in February 2020. 

July 8, 2020

World Health Organisation has changed it's stance and agree that  SARS Cov 2 and COVID 19 

may be transmitted via airborne droplets, aerosols that can carry distances in the air

Animated talking, a simple cough or sneeze can release '000s to 10s of '000 microbes at up to 200 mph. Most, it has been decided are droplets and will fall to the ground but some will be transported by areosol particulates and are  subject to air-flow dynamics. These are even more dangerous as these can be inhaled without you even being aware they were present in the room. 

COVID 19: Achieving a good Return on Investment

Why deep cleaning is insufficient to combat infectious microbes

A deep clean is always a good option but not the answer to treating
COVID 19 or SARS Cov2
The treatment for invisible pathogens requires specialist Environmental Decontamination, delivered by trained technicians. 
If you are looking for a good Return on Investment please choose the right service.

If you suspect infectious pathogens, airborne, on or under surfaces. You need The Decontaminator 

The Decontaminator is also known at Sanondaf - West Kent. 
Sanondaf UK  provides a comprehensive range of treatment options using both traditional fogging and electrostatic spray process. This can be used in Health, Science and other settings too, in positive or negative pressure environments and on any surface types, including stainless steel. All technicians have undergone extensive training and the equipment and solution is compliant with Health and Safety.  

Achieve best practices for cost of compliance