The solution The Decontaminator provides can eradicate harmful infectious microorganisms thoroughly, quickly and cost effectively.

A D&V outbreak in a hospice closed it's doors for 9 days while 'deep cleaning' was done. This both put the staff and patients at risk. If the D&V was Norovirus, then it would have been airborne and scrubbing the surfaces would have had little effect. The Decontaminator disinfection methods would have taken a few hours and eradicated the infectious viruses and the hospice would have been open just 30 minutes after completion of the treatment. We are now on their speed-dial.

An outbreak is defined as having 2 or more children or staff with an infection, caused by the same mircro-organism, at the same time, in the same place. However, a single case of a serious disease may also require an outbreak response, eg: E.coli 0157, diphtheria or measles.
If you suspect there is an outbreak of infection, you should call Public Health Agency on 028 9055 3994/7 email:
Ofsted Logojpg Our disinfection treatments comply with best practices and certification can be used in audit reporting for cleanliness.