We disinfect people's homes too.
If you have a weakened, damaged or immature immune system then The Decontaminator can disinfect your home, quickly, efficiently and affordably.
The ceilings, walls, windows, pictures, curtains/blinds, doors, furniture and the undersides, equipment and soft furnishings will be disinfected. Sometimes, a harmful pathogen is growing/colonising right before our eyes, in normal circumstances, your immune system is able to cope but what if it's not working properly? Disinfection can eradicate 99.99% of micro-organisms. This will allow you to get well without complication. Of course, not all bacteria are harmful to us but we cannot distinguish between good and bad, so a clean, sanitary environment is best.
For example: Most of the treatments for cancer, including Chemotherapy strips the body of it's ability to ward off infection so powerful antibiotics are often prescribed. However, antibiotics are thought to counteract chemotherapy. By disinfecting your living environment, you are reducing the risk of infection.

Infants are susceptible to infection. Mother's milk will provide essentials but disinfecting the infant's living environment will give the child time to build up their immune system as safely as possible.