Best Practices for the same cost as compliance
  • CT Scanner
    CT Scanner Sensitive and Expensive Equipment
  • Dentist's Chair
    Dentist's Chair CQC Compliant
  • Classroom
    Classroom Challenging surfaces
  • Nursery
    Nursery Clutter


Antibiotic Resistance Test: The white dots are bacterium that have been impregnated with different antibiotics. The rings on the left show the bacterium have not grown, illustrating that bacteria are not resistant. However, the bacteria on the right are resistant to 4 of the antibiotics. Stop Press: Government urged to make AMR a Top 5 Policy Priority!

We disinfect:

In hospitals, care homes, GP and dental practices, schools, nurseries, equine centres, veterinarians and hotels, gyms and domestic homes. 

Sanosealed is hydrogen peroxide with silver ion blend that is dispersed as a vapour, using machines that can address the most challenging of situations. Eradicating harmful bacteria, viruses, moulds and yeasts. This prevention starts where good cleaning practices finish and is ideal for those with weakened or immature immune systems. The treatment will make everything sanitary and it only needs 30 minutes to settle.

Indicator shows hydrogen peroxide has changed the colour of the strip
Ready to use safely, just 30 mins after treatment